How can i connect the wii internet through time warner cable?Is there a way to connect internet onto the wii without a connect can it be done wirelessly by just putting in the ip adress???
Does anyone know the process?

The Wii connects wirelessly, but I think you need to set it up as a WEP security or no security at all.

-Branden J
from the wii menu go to your settings then go to internet. search for your access point.if and when you find it if there is a closed lock on it you have to put your WEP key in. And test the connection if the test works then your online should work now

-Kaylyn J
mostly if u have internet it will work but u need a wireless connection if u use that connection u will be able to get to the internet

-Jason J
You need a DHCP server running. Either by using some one elses or providing one yourself. You can do this with either an official Nintendo USB WiFi connect or get a more useful WiFi router.

The Wii supports no security, WEP and WAP.

Cheap router(you can find cheaper)

Your internet provider is irrelevant providing you are using DHCP. So yes you should be able to.

-Runescape player
the wii can only connect to the internet via wireless router connection, or by a LAN Adapter... purchased seperately. for the KAN Adapter, connect to the back of oyur router or modem, and the other end to the wi console.
i hope i helped.

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